Special Products

Bespoke and Customised Solutions.

Our field of work very often requires solutions that are not off the shelf, and our ability to deliver these solutions often requires us to develop these solutions from scratch. With time, some of these products develop into more regular lines, but still requiring a bespoke approach to each application. It is this agility that separates Digital Fabric from the general market.


Acoustic Room Treatment.

It’s true that technology has advanced exponentially, and we can now make video calls from our handsets with ease in HD resolution. But there is a common misconception that technology can fix everything, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Some things are simply up to physics and no amount of spend on technology can replace proper design.

Design, Design, Design

Acoustics fall squarely within this topic; when video conferencing first became a reality in the corporate boardroom, architects were required to carefully consider room acoustics, reflections, and surface finishes. But as the technological burden has eased, so too has the effort in this area, and it’s not uncommon to find rooms lined with glass curtain walls, untreated drywalling and ceiling systems branded “acoustic” in name only.


Specialized Lighting.

Lighting is far more integral to our everyday lives than we give it credit for. It’s easy to dismiss lighting as simple illumination for practical reasons. But there is much research into the power of lighting and the huge psychological impact it can have on the way in which we perceive things around us.

While it’s not always practical to fill spaces with natural light, it is possible to fill spaces with light sources that will work in our favour and induce a specific feeling or visual outcome.