Professional Services


Project Management.

Project management is crucial to projects being completed on time and within budget. With the complex nature of our projects, this means more than just high-level task management.

Aside from the technical disciplines, our team is required to understand production cycles, logistics and travel.


CAD & 3D Modeling.

Built on a history of engineering of bespoke products, we have a strong foundation in 3D design and CAD work.

Our field of work very often requires solutions for mounting or display that simply do not exist and our ability to deliver world class solutions requires us to find and develop these solutions from scratch.


Control System Programming.

Control System Programming runs in the blood of the Digital Fabric team. With strong roots in commercial systems such as Crestron, Extron, Alcorn McBride, Beckhoff and all manner of live show control systems there are very few systems that we have not been exposed to.

Importantly, our experience extends beyond the controllers to an intimate understanding of the field devices which we control.



Selling a system is one thing, however the ultimate success of a project lies in its execution onsite. Our work requires us to be carpenters, plumbers, and electricians alongside our day job as AV installers.

And this work is very often carried out under imperfect circumstances.