The key to a successful audio-visual system deployment is detailed pre-planning and the knowledge on how to combine the best technology from both the AV and IT worlds into a single seamless managed system. We need to optimise the existing infrastructure and establish system standards within the environment so that incompatibility issues are eliminated, and existing assets are reused while ensuring the maximum compatibility with future plans.

Planning ahead and reviewing the current and upcoming product availability, we are able to advise on the technology appropriate for the project’s needs. This way the best possible product for each application is chosen, within budget and aligned with the master plan avoiding wasted spend on the ‘next best thing’ that does not scale with the business and which has to be replaced prematurely.



Audio-visual solutions are crucial for education facilities, allowing educators to effectively educate large numbers of people in one area. Having reliable and effective audio-visual systems can make all the difference to students and educators alike.

Since 2004 we have worked with numerous education facilities to offer the high-quality solutions to improve both educator and learner experiences.



Consumers are information driven and being able to provide up to date information in fun and exciting ways is vital to retailers. Digital signage, AV systems and interactive displays are easily updateable and cost-effective ways to get messages across to consumers.

No matter the environment or product, our understanding of international trends combined with years of commercial AV makes us a vital contributor to the store design process.