Working with both the client and the project architect, we assist with the development of a realistic, working concept which is achievable in terms of both space and budget.

Working with the entire project team we are able to create a fully working concept prior to construction. This typically includes an interface to the Architectural and Interiors team as well as the Mechanical and Electrical engineers.

Working with the content and film-makers we ensure that audio, visual and interactive content are designed to work with the installed hardware in terms of both specification and performance. This process most often requires tests and mock-ups to ascertain suitability prior to construction.

We are able to assist with the entire procurement chain, either by way of a tender process or on a turn-key basis. SLA’s and warranty agreements usually form part of this process.

Where required, additional site management can be provided to ensure smooth delivery during the construction process. This is usually a requirement on projects with high levels of detail, theming and lighting.

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