Audio plays a key role in every attraction and has the ability to affect our emotional responses. Audio branding can likewise affect the way people respond to a particular service or product. Of equal importance is the way in which we deliver this audio, be it loud and powerful or discrete to the point of being invisible, the hardware needs to complement its surroundings. At Digital Fabric we understand that effective audio, both in content and delivery is vital for a successful installation.

Much of what we see in attractions today has been tailored to the environment and considerations such as viewing distance, resolution and screen size need to be carefully considered. While we are not film makers, we do understand the mechanisms of content creation, storage, playback and display from the smallest LCD display to the largest cinema screen.

As with audio, lighting has the ability to affect a visitors response and determine mood. Whether creating ambience or highlighting the tiniest detail, well placed light will always transform a space into an experience. Our experience in both Theatrical and Architectural lighting begins with the control systems and ends with the luminaire, creating complete systems that work and keep on working.

An interactive system can consist of two cans and a string. It can also consist of a network of high speed computers and touchscreens. The art of interactivity is a complex one and requires careful consideration by experienced developers. We work with these developers to ensure sound working concepts no matter how simple or complex. In short, we tie the string to the cans.

The term special effects covers an impossibly wide range of disciplines. While no company can claim to understand all of them, we do have a good understanding of the themed environment, realistic life forms and all manners of sound and lighting trickery. This understanding is imperative when building comprehensive working systems in the attraction arena.

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